Tiszta Lap 2018

The wine’s colour is intensive ruby red with a black seed. The fragrance of it is multilayer, it is like examining black forest liqueur in a wine glass. You can recognize raspberry, blackberry and blueberry then you will notice the aroma of sour cherry and strawberry.The wine tastes sweet, it is rich in acids, soft tannin, it has a juicy body which warms you up while leaving its fruity flavours in your mouth for a long time. It is an exeptional wine character which is as rare as white Raven.This wine supplies a deficiency in the gastronomy, it is compulsory with dishes made from duck breast or game served with fruit as well as lamb spiced with eastern flavours and different types of cheese. The greatest merit of the wine is obviously the fact that its outstanding character perfectly matches with desserts made from chocolate. With lots of love, Antal Kovács sommelier. /Kovács Antal sommelier/