Pinot Blanc 2017

It gives a good quality elegant, juicy white wine every year. It is reliable like a Swiss watch.

Our pinot blanc:
„Light, golden colour. In its flavour peach and pear appear with slight minerals. In its taste the wine can be characterized as having a juicy body, acids and minerals. I recommend it as an accompanying wine with salads and dishes of white meat poultry and fish.”( Antal Kovács sommelier).” /Kovács Antal sommelier/


Tramini 2018

Az illatos szőlőfajták közé soroljuk. Mára kissé háttérbe szorult. A divat az Irsai Olivért emelte a magasba. 

Our tramini:
Its colour is light golden. In its fragrance you can recognize concentrated minerality, litchi and rose. While tasting it, you recognize a dry, harmonic feeling of acids, a juicy bod, and complex flavours which characterize the wine but with a more discreete elegance. A unique wine which is perfect to accompany dishes. At present you can respect this one as the most beautiful drink of tramini wines in Hungary.So it really gives a scarf. It is recommended with vegetable-based dishes, vegetable cream soups, meals with asparagus as well as fish and poultry.( Antal Kovács sommelier) /Kovács Antal sommelier/

Pinot noir rozé 2018

It has a deep salmon colour.In its fragrance dried red berries and strawberry appear. The taste is characterized by round acids, brutal body, creamy surface and strawberry aroma. It is a unique wine which is primarily a wine and a rosé in the second place. It is recommended with dishes made from duck, goose and pork as well as stews and fish soup.( Antal Kovács sommelier)  /Kovács Antal sommelier/

Sakk Matt 2017

With its fruity fragrance this wine seems to be light but having a 14% alcohol content you can lose the game easily. játszmát…

Intensive purple colour. In its fragrance the flowers dominate supplimenting the elegant black berries. While tasting it, you can feel its muscular, vibrant body, tannin, strength characterized by flowery and fruity aromas. Its sip is long. It has a unique character. It can accompany dishes made from duck, goose, pork, lamb, roasted wild and casseroles from beef, venison as well as white moldy soft cheese.( Antal Kovács sommelier) /Kovács Antal sommelier/

Retur 2018

Retur is a word game combining the two names of two different wines which are the main components of it. 

Menoire and Turan: menoiRETURán 

Keleti fűszer bazár és egy mediterrán este hangulata árad belőle. 
It is diffused with the atmosphere of eastern spice bazaar and the Mediterranean evenings. Its colour is moderate purple-red. Its fragrance is rich in spices with a nice combination of flowery aromas and juicy blackberries. While tasting it, you can recognize its dry and muscular body, velvet tannin, fire and its rich flavour of flowery and fruity aromas. The sip is long. It is a special red wine with a unique character. It can accompany dishes made from duck, goose, pork, lamb, roasted wild and casseroles from beef, venison as well as white moldy soft cheese.( Antal Kovács sommelier) 
/Kovács Antal sommelier/

Szerda Este 2019

pinot noir and menoir blend While tasting it you can recognize dry, piquant acids, soft tannin, juicy body and spicy aromas. It is a complex red wine, a real red one which can be drunk well and served with several dishes.It is recommended with courses made from duck, goose, pork and lamb as well as feathered game, liver and offal meals, white moldy soft cheese.( Antal Kovács sommelier) /Kovács Antal sommelier/

Egri Turán 2017

This local type of grapes was originally bred as a colouring wine in the Eger wine region. It was supposed to use to deepen the colour of the wines of Eger. (That’s why the colour of it is deep purple.) Its fragrance is dominated by briar and parfume. Its taste is a cavalcade of tropical fruits and spices.
It is usually used as a blend. 

The colour is black with a cyclamen fringe. In its intensive fragrance rose, violet, grapes and spices of eastern bazaars appear in a beautiful combination.Its taste is full of acids, soft tannin, exploding spices. You can feel its aroma in your mouth for a long time after tasting it. It is recommended with dishes made from beef, lamb, goat, moufflon, game as well as matured hard cheese. /Kovács Antal sommelier/

Pinot noir 2016

Unappreciated genious. The most expensive red wines in the world are originated from the Burgundy wine region and made from Pinot noir. The natural asset of Eger is very similar to the one of this French wine region although they have had experiences of wine making for more centuries which can be set as an example for us. The wine vibrates in light ruby colour. Its creamy taste smoothes discreetly with the spices making the year of 2016 an unforgettable experience for wine lovers./Kovács Antal sommelier/

Egri Merlot, „Mrs. O'Baskhy” 2016

Intensive ruby colour. Its fragrance reminds us of blueberry, raspberry, flowers and spices embracing a jammy fruity feeling. It is a very cool wine. The taste is characterized by round acids, soft tannin, muscular body and spicy aromas. Brutal body which does not fall too far. You can even have a feeling of biting into it. Young yet mature wine ready for drinking. Consuming it at 17 or 18 degrees, it is a perfect choice with dishes made from pork , veal,, game and hard cheese. /Kovács Antal sommelier/

Egri Cabernet Franc „Mr O'Baskhy” 2016

Intensive purple-red appearance with black seed. The fragrance is deep, complex dominated by blackberries: blackcurrant, mulberry, blueberry as well as raspberry, sour cherry creating a liqueur feeling. It is full of dry, round acids, rich tannin and juicy body. Its alcohol gently heats with fruity aromas leaving the taste of the wine long in our mouth. It is a unique wine, a real curiosity having its own individuality. It is recommended for special occasions. It is perfect with dishes made from lamb, beef, game as well as hard cheese. /Kovács Antal sommelier/

Tiszta Lap 2018

The wine’s colour is intensive ruby red with a black seed. The fragrance of it is multilayer, it is like examining black forest liqueur in a wine glass. You can recognize raspberry, blackberry and blueberry then you will notice the aroma of sour cherry and strawberry.The wine tastes sweet, it is rich in acids, soft tannin, it has a juicy body which warms you up while leaving its fruity flavours in your mouth for a long time. It is an exeptional wine character which is as rare as white Raven.This wine supplies a deficiency in the gastronomy, it is compulsory with dishes made from duck breast or game served with fruit as well as lamb spiced with eastern flavours and different types of cheese. The greatest merit of the wine is obviously the fact that its outstanding character perfectly matches with desserts made from chocolate. With lots of love, Antal Kovács sommelier. /Kovács Antal sommelier/


Ante Portas 2013

Az első randevú. Ismerkedtünk a területtel, a hellyel. Két év hordós érlelés után palackoztuk. “Birtokbor”, Cabernet gerinccel, Merlot-val, Turánnal, Menoire-al fűszerezve.

It is characterized by cool fruity flavours combining the features of the wines in our region.

Ante Portas 2015

The present of a Mediterranean vintage. Our first year in Szomolya.After maturing the wine for two years the aromas smoothen. It is like a fruit bomb with mainly strawberry aromas. It is dominated by cabernet seasoned with merlot and turan.