Retur 2018

Retur is a word game combining the two names of two different wines which are the main components of it. 

Menoire and Turan: menoiRETURán 

Keleti fűszer bazár és egy mediterrán este hangulata árad belőle. 
It is diffused with the atmosphere of eastern spice bazaar and the Mediterranean evenings. Its colour is moderate purple-red. Its fragrance is rich in spices with a nice combination of flowery aromas and juicy blackberries. While tasting it, you can recognize its dry and muscular body, velvet tannin, fire and its rich flavour of flowery and fruity aromas. The sip is long. It is a special red wine with a unique character. It can accompany dishes made from duck, goose, pork, lamb, roasted wild and casseroles from beef, venison as well as white moldy soft cheese.( Antal Kovács sommelier) 
/Kovács Antal sommelier/