In the process of wine making our philosophy is to interfere as little as possible into the natural method of producing it. We harvest our grapes by hand in full ripening so our wines are lumped, full, fruity and last long. Spontaneous fermentation takes place. We ferment the smaller quantity but outstanding quality grapes on vats. Our red wines get into bottles usually after a 2-year fermentation in barrels. Parts of them are unfiltered.



Pinot Blanc

It gives a good quality elegant, juicy white wine every year. It is reliable like a Swiss watch.



We catergorize this wine as a fragrant one. Nowadays, it is not as popular as it used to be. Irsai Oliver has taken its place and become more fashionable.





Pinot noir rozé

” It has a deep salmon colour.In its fragrance dried red berries and strawberry appear. …




Sakk Matt

With its fruity fragrance this wine seems to be light but having a 14% alcohol content you can lose the game easily. …




Retur is a word game combining the two names of two different wines which are the main  components  of it. Menoire and Turan: menoiRETURan.



Szerda Este

pinot noir and menoir blend

” Medium intensity ruby red wine.Its fragrance is dominated by the flowery aromas of the menoir and the distinguished spices of the pinot noir. 



Egri Turan

This local type of grapes was originally bred as a colouring wine in the Eger wine region. It was supposed to use to deepen the colour of the wines of Eger. 


Pinot noir

Unappreciated genious. The most expensive red wines in the world are originated from the Burgundy wine region and made from Pinot noir.


Egri Merlot, „Mrs. O'Baskhy”

Intensive ruby colour. Its fragrance reminds us of blueberry, raspberry, flowers and spices embracing a jammy fruity feeling. It is a very cool wine.


Egri Cabernet Franc „Mr O'Baskhy”

Intensive purple-red appearance with black seed. The fragrance is deep, complex dominated by blackberries:


Tiszta Lap

” The wine’s colour is intensive ruby red with a black seed. The fragrance of it is multilayer, it is like examining black forest liqueur in a wine glass. 



Ante Portas

The first date with Egerszalók. We got familiar with the area and the place. 


Ante Portas

The present of a Mediterranean vintage. Our first year in Szomolya. After maturing the wine for two years the aromas smoothen.